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More Halloween Decor

Phase 2 of my Halloween Decor Projects:

Today I focused on filling vases with branches from a tree in my yard that I spray painted black. I also used paper scraps to make insert into a candle holder. I cut out bat shapes from different scrap paper designs.

On tap for tomorrow (after football practice and cleaning house, of course) I will 1) hang a two sided crow image from the ceiling. 2) scrape my pumpkin and insert the big branch and hang little bats from that. 3) stop and enjoy what I’ve done and possibly realize that I should just leave it alone.

start with supplies
find a good branch
spray paint them black and stick in a cute vase
a photo taken by a friend and some accessories do the trick
use scraps to line a double glass votive and cut out a spooky shape to let the line shine in
get batty: tomorrow I will hang these from the main branch I found that will get stuck into my scraped pumpkin

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