Canning Peaches

It’s late August and the weather is still hot. But you’re itchin’ for the fall and the nesting that comes along with it.
What is a girl to do? Can peaches of course…and pears if that’s your thing.

This method is how my Gram canned, how she taught my mom to can, and how I learned. In my world, this is the only other way to eat peaches after the summer is over.

Start with fresh peaches. I get mine at a local farm. Wash all the fuzz off.

Prepare your stations.

Peel. Pit. Pour.

Boil baby boil.

Poke a peach to see it it's done. (I like mine to be a little firm still when you poke through.

Stack peaches in a hot jar. Fill with juice to the top. Get the bubbles out. Wipe the rim with a hot rag. Seal with hot lid and ring. The lid will ping when it's sealed.

Fruits of our labor. And we hope they last all year long.


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