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I’m grateful for… [days 5-14]

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind around here. I have been grateful…plenty grateful…but haven’t had time to write about it. So here’s my list, from today backwards:

Sunday 11/14: a clean house. I spent the morning cleaning for guests that unfortunately couldn’t make it and ended up enjoying my house for most of the day.

Saturday 11/13: a stocked refrigerator. I don’t necessarily enjoy grocery shopping on the weekends, but I do enjoy filling up my fridge and my family’s bellies. Thanking the Lord that we are able to buy what we need and a little of what we desire.

Friday 11/12: a compassionate boss. On a 3 hour drive to Redding and back for an all day meeting, we chatted about office structure and the necessity to increase my salary and commissions. WOW. When does this ever happen? I must say that I am so blessed to have a boss who cares and allows me the flexibility and hours I need for my family.

Thursday 11/11: our football family: Tonight was Gibson’s first football banquet. He was so excited to wear a tie and Coach Troy said such sweet words about him when he accepted his trophy. Gibson got emotional at the end when he realized this was it. No more football until next summer. As always, Matt knows how to bring him around with wise words and a joke.



Wednesday 11/10: my sister. Just remembering all the trouble we caused and fun we had before we got all grown up. Thinking about flip-flops, Solano Mall and Payless (before it turned into Rite-Aid).

Tuesday 11/9: good girlfriends. Tonight Mom, Christine, Jennifer and I saw So You Think You Can Dance live at Arco. Sitting in the Suite, thanks to Matt’s dad, is such a treat! I love these ladies, all for their own qualities, and would be lost without each of them in my life.


Monday 11/8: falling back: I am simply grateful that it’s no longer dark on my drive to work.

Sunday 11/7: the ability to sew. I made Marshall new curtains with a pennant flag valance and am pretty much tooting my own horn for bringing this idea to life. Thanks must also go to my mom for teaching me at such an early age and continuing to train me each time we work on a project together.

Saturday 11/6: our Mighty Mites! Played a Championship game in Grass Valley today and those little men won the whole darn thing! 17 weeks of conditioning, practicing, tryouts, more practice, practice with pads, games and playoffs…all to get here, today. League Champions. So proud of all of them! It’s so bittersweet too…glad to get our weeknights and Saturdays back but very sad that it’s over. I mean we’ve pretty much lived at Livermore Field since July. But until next year…Folsom Jr. Bulldog Mighty Mites are #1!


Friday 11/5: scrappy hour at Green Tangerines. It’s finally back! After having to shut their doors thru the spring and summer, they have re-opened and resumed all super awesome scrappiness! 8 of us got sitters (or hubbies) to watch the kids while we scrapped ’til midnight. It’s such a great time to catch up on pages but more importantly, with each other.

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