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We all need a little place to call our own. And since my house itself is a little place, I cleared out a little area in the garage and made it mine. And it cost me less than $50. Here’s how I did it:

I knew I wanted a typography theme. Letters, numbers and striking girlie colors. I also just inherited a green stool from my Gram which I grew up with in her kitchen. She didn’t have room for it anymore and knew I loved it. It was the inspiration piece and everything else just fell into place. Next, I decided to sketch out a plan and see where it took me.

Blue Wall: $Free  (I used leftover paint from another project.)
Desk: $Free  ( My boss was going to toss it…so I swiped it!)
White double shelf: $4  (It’s an old shoe rack my mom gave me, painted white and added casters.)
Painted accessories: $6  (OSH mixed me tiny cans of pink and green paint in the exact colors I needed)
Stackable cubes: $6  (Found them at the dollar store)
Wooden Shelves and Brackets: $15  (I bought a long piece at Lowes and they cut 2 feet off the end (at no cost) for the smaller shelf. Then I used more leftover white paint to make them pop off the new blue wall.)
Ribbon and paper: $10  (Michaels’s had typography paper in the exact colors I needed and I found ribbon there as well.)
Live, Laugh, Love: $1.50  (Found these at Michael’s. Bottom shelf in the perfect colors. $.50 each. What a steal!)

Other tricks using stuff I already had:
The big green ‘g’ was traced from a large wooden letter I use in Gibson’s room. I outlined it in pencil, painted it with 2 coats of green, then outlined it again in black sharpie.
The wire ‘andrea’ was made for me in high school art class so I spray painted it black and hung it up.
Can you believe I how awesome that green and pink scrapbook goes with the theme? I pulled it out of a box when I remembered I had bought it at the dollar store 3 years ago.

This happened so often when I was looking for accessories. Everything just worked. I hope you can find a space of your own too!

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4 thoughts on “where i create”

  1. I loooooove what you did. I wish my space looked as pretty and sparkling clean as yours! I’m actually starting up a series on where people create soon.
    Thanks so much for linking up to my Pity Party!

    1. Sparkling clean? I wish it still looked like that! =) It has transformed a bit since then but I would love to see what others are up to in their spaces. Thanks for having an awesome blog Mique!

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