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Pendant Flag Swag

Pendent flags are totally in right now so how could I resist when Marshall’s room was getting a Thomas the Train makeover?



$5: 1 yard  theme/patterned fabric (for flags)
$15: 3 yards plain/solid fabric (for curtains, lining of the flags and attaching the flags together)
$0: thread (already had a perfect blue)
Rotary blade
Craft paper
Coordinating ribbon (optional)

Determine how big you want your flags.
I wanted mine 14 inches tall (from top to bottom tip) and 12 inches wide. Allow for a 1/4″ seam on all sides.
Measure your width along the top and mark the center of your line.
Draw the length line straight down the center.
From the edges of your top line, draw a line connecting the edge to the bottom tip of the center line.

Cut it out along the lines and now you have your triangle pendant template.


Pin your template to the fabric and cut out the first flag. If you fabric is directional, you’ll need to pin the next one in the same direction.
But mine was not so I was able to maximize the fabric by rotating the template on every other cut so that I could use the fabric in between the flags and turn them upside-down.

Repeat with the lining.


Align the pattern fabric and the lining (right sides together) and stitch a 1/4″ seam along each side. Leaving the top open.

Clip the tip as close to the stitch without cutting the thread.

Use a dull pencil to turn the fabric right side out.

Press the seams to make them nice and flat.


Cut a strip of your solid fabric the length of all the flags. Hem the sides and top of the strip. Align the raw edge of the strip to the raw top edge of the flags and pin in place (right sides together).
Stitch the flags to the strip. You can attach coordinated ribbon to the ends of the strip to tie them to the curtain rods or just to be cute.



I took the super cheap and quick way of updating the curtains. He already had lined curtains so I simply cut the solid fabric 1/2″ larger than the original ones and sewed the new fabric to the old stuff. I mean, really, why do all that work all over again when the only one who’s going to see the back of my kids’ curtains are the birds in the backyard. They were already the right size and lined and the bonus was that now, the curtains are darker than before since Marshall still naps during the day.

If you make your own, please share!!!


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