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circle me cute

A project I have been eyeing for years has finally come full circle.  Haha, get it? Circle? Yeah, I’m a dork, I know. If you totally dig these, here’s how I created these fabric circles…it’s so easy! You can make it super simple and do plain fabric or take it a step further and sew different patterns together with embellishments. What’s fun is that it can be however you want it to look. So have fun!


$15: a couple yards of fabric that matches your decor
$12: various sizes of embroidery hoops (found at Michael’s for under $2 each)
any rick-rack, ribbon or embellishments

Cut fabric pieces into a square that is about 1 inch bigger than the edges of the hoop you want it in. Embellish your pieces however you want. I wanted a bird so my mom sketched this one and we adhered it using use-able fuse-able.

Take the hoops apart, leaving the inside hoop on your work surface. Place your fabric on top and center it. Loosen the outer hoop using the screw on top and spread it open slightly while placing it over the fabric and inner hoop. Use the screw again to tighten the outer hoop to the inner hoop. Turn over and cut off the excess fabric.

Now you can arrange them on your wall. I used push pins instead of nails since they are so lightweight. Here’s how mine turned out.

Bonus: I made pillow cases with the leftover fabric.

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15 thoughts on “circle me cute”

  1. Now that collection is the best I have seen using hoops….often they don’t seem to connect with anything else in the decor…but having them as a feature like that and coordinating cushions to match is just perfect…i dig it entirely!!

  2. This is a magnificent idea! I will be moving to a new rental with an additional room that needs embellishment for both adults or for children (guests). This would be the perfect solution! I could even make sets of inserts and swap ’em out with the season. I don’t know why I never thought of this myself! Thanks!

    I’m here from MMB Post of the Week (#26 The Man of My Dreams)

    1. Oh you should do this for your room for sure! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also plan on changing mine when it’s time for my red/pink/orange summer theme. So easy and super inexpensive!

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