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happy scrappy photo frame

Underneath all this scrappy cuteness is a poster of the gorgeous James Dean. When I decided that I didn’t want him hanging around the house at the time, I thought it would be prefect for this project. The original frame is plastic so I decided that I could just use tape to secure it down and that way it wouldn’t leave sticky residue when I wanted to change it…or bring James back. =)

I can honestly say this project cost nothing since I didn’t buy anything new to make it. The frame I have had since high school, the pictures were already printed with nowhere to be and all the supplies were scraps from scrapbook pages I had already done. I really loved the randomness and freedom I felt while placing and trying and gluing and deciding. There is no layout, template or formula for this. Just go with it, play and have fun!


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4 thoughts on “happy scrappy photo frame”

  1. So fun, and awesome that you used things you already had around the house! Too often I go out and buy, when I should just look around at what I have first! 🙂

    1. Yes yes yes, look around your house first! I am constantly pulling items from one room and putting them in another. It makes me happy since I like my things and makes a space feel new when you can see it somewhere else.
      Thanks for stopping by…come back soon!

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