homemaking, kiddo stuff

choo choo potty train

I got this idea from a dear friend who’s son is also as much of a train freak as Marshall is. So I drew one of my own and implemented it with new Thomas underwear that night. We found Thomas the Train stickers at the dollar store that were the perfect size for each square. I made a master, then made a copy in case potty training took longer than this train…which of course it did.

We started out with giving him a sticker for each time he went potty. Then when he had that mastered, we moved to each time he “told” us he had to potty. By this time, he made it to the end of his potty train and earned himself a new Thomas Train. Once we got to the second train, we gave stickers for each day he was accident free. He has officially earned a Train Ride at the Zoo!


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