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baby boy survival guide // gift idea

Last year my girlfriend was pregnant with her first boy.

As a worn out mommy of boys myself I though there were a few things she needed to know. You understand, a little preparation is necessary in these situations. So I came up with this little survival kit idea and made a tag to go with the basket of goodies I got at the dollar store. I printed the tag on cardstock, arranged all the little gifts (some wrapped in tissue and some not) and attached the tag to the handles with cute ribbon.

Unfortunately I was not blogging when I made the basket so there are no pictures of it but here’s where your can get creative. I bought all the supplies at my local dollar store (with the exception of the jammies) and it turned out to be an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.

Here is the tag and you can download it here for free!

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8 thoughts on “baby boy survival guide // gift idea”

  1. I love your “little boy Survival Guide” – I’m trying to download it but all Im able to do is save it as a picture. Is there another way to do it? My BF is having a boy after 3 girls and the loss of a baby boy. Love this, thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting. I’m glad you liked my idea. About downloading it, yeah, it’s just the image so you can save it and print it. It’s not a full page image so don’t make it too big.
      I hope you can find a good use for it!

  2. This is so funny! Wish I had thought of these items when I had my twins, although I’m sure most will still be useful! Thanks for sharing such a fab gift idea

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