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thrifty treasures // jan.28

Today there was a wealth of treasure at my local Goodwill. I have to admit, this is my first real shopping trip at a thrift store. I have purchased random things, like a dresser or an item for a halloween costume but this…this was intentional. My mission: finds things to fix up and repurpose, but not junk. It had to be useful. So here’s what I found:

A woman’s knitted shirt. I plan to make a little wallet, maybe a headband and a ring or something fashionable.

This old train picture. It has a very deep frame and i am going to paint the wood white and hang it in Marshall’s room. He loves it as it is but is excited to help me paint.

Tiered wooden / wicker basket. Gonna paint it of course. I think it would be cute painted red with the wicker painted white. It’s very up in the air. Purpose: to corral all the stuff that gathers by the telephone.

Seriously, kids books are $1.50 and these were dang near brand new. Purpose: to make Marshall smile.

Marshall is lacking a reading light and these are even the colors of his room. How could I pass it up for $3. Now to the dollar store for a lamp shade.

Gathered yellow purse. Oh yeah! I have been eyes a yellow purse at Target for EVER but didn’t really want to spend the money. $4 for this beauty and I think I will make some sort of lace and felt flower for the front.

Retro art. Yeah, i have no idea what that says but I’m gonna look it up tonight. I am not altering this at all. I’ve got two possible landing places for it and will be interviewing tomorrow.

Water bottle for Gibson. The only thing that wasn’t “used” and I splurged. $6. But it is worth it to get my pink argyle one back that he keeps using.

Yellow/pink/blue camp shirt. This little number has cute buttons and pleating so I’m not sure if I will use the fabric and details or if I’ll actually wear it with a pair of jeans and flats.

Wooden crate box. OMG, this is my favorite find of the day. The little metal label on the handle actually says JUNK! Yeah!! One of the slats needs repair but the color matches my bedroom and it might look cute just hung up on the wall. I dunno yet.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (hardcover). A new book for Gibson is always a treat. He reads everynight before bed, even if he;s tired. Love this kid.

So here’s the whole shabang! All my loot. I was smiling from ear to ear as I walked out. Before and afters will be posted as I get to them. SO COME BACK SOON!


2 thoughts on “thrifty treasures // jan.28”

  1. I love all the goodies you found at goodwill. I can’t wait to see all the ideas you have for them finished. The crates are my favorite out of all this. It was fun to read your last few posts, all these creative ideas you have for everything, I love it. That train potty chart is more fun the boring calender one I made for my kids when they were little. I’m redoing my entryway too so nice to get fresh ideas from what you did. Have a great weekend.

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