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quick curtain makeover

White linen curtains: $15 (IKEA)
Black curtain rod: $7 (IKEA)

Ugly closet doors: buh-bye! (Well…to the garage with the other 3 sets of doors I’ve removed. I can’t actually get rid of them since we’re renters.)

2 rolls of 1.5 inch ribbon: $8 (Michael’s)

It took me almost 15 minutes to sew the ribbon on and it’s so pretty to look at. Getting rid of those funky doors opened up our family room so much. I can pull the drapes over to one side and actually work at the desk inside the closet. A note about how awesome IKEA is: I knew I’d have to hem the curtains and was sort of dreading it but then I realized there was something in the package I was about to throw out. It was fuse-able webbing. Seriously? They included a roll of fusing web so I didn’t end up having to stitch hem them! Yippee! The pair of curtains also came with two tiebacks…gotta love those Swedish folks.

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2 thoughts on “quick curtain makeover”

  1. This came out so nice and much more pretty then a door. I’ve always wanted to do this in my kid’s room but don’t know how to sew. I have sewing on my list of things to learn this month and hopefully I can do some small cute projects.

    1. You should learn to sew as soon as possible!!! =) There are so many things you can do! Honestly, this was just a bunch of straight lines and easier than any hem I’ve ever done.

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