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a little shoe confession

I am so going to admit that for years, I have been wearing knock-off Chuck Taylor’s. Since my older brother’s wore them in the 80’s, I ALWAYS wanted my very own pair. Something about that star and those stitches. I don’t know…it’s my style. But I just couldn’t justify the purchase when the knock-offs were pretty darn close. But something happened today. Today I put on my fakes and decided they had seen better days. I deserved a real live pair of chucks.

In casual conversation with my hubby, I mentioned that Chucks had been added to my wish list. You know, for a future gift or just in a few paychecks or something. But he asked if I wanted to go to Converse when we were done with our little excursion. WHAT??? um…HECK YES!!!

And so it was. Today I bought my first pair of Chuck Taylors. I am a happy girl.

5 thoughts on “a little shoe confession”

  1. Oh yea! It’s so fun when something like that happens in life, something you’ve been thinking about as a possibility for maybe some day. It can be the simplest thing but so meaningful. Yea for new shoes!

    Found you on MMB.

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