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project life: progress update (2)

Just a little glimpse into the first few weeks of January. I have the last 2 weeks placed in their slots, just need to add the details.










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4 thoughts on “project life: progress update (2)”

  1. Your album looks great, love that you put pictures in the jouranling spots too. I thought their was only 2 boys didn’t realize you have 3. How fun that must be, I only have the one boy and 3 girls. I hope your boys don’t get tired of the camera too much like mine does some days. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Dawn, it’s been so fun putting it together! Haha, I do only have 2 boys. The oldest one is our neighbor. He calls me mom and I enjoy that! He is almost 14 but is a very good kid who keeps Gibson on the straight! My 9yo, Gibson is very camera elusive…but I catch him now and then. I’m trying to make sure I don’t put ALL marshall in the book since he’s always so willing to let me snap away.

  2. Thanks for answering me about how many boys you have. How nice for your son to have an older boy to look up too and nice for you to help him out. My friends use to call my mom too. I saw your post above about being featured on another blog, congrats to you!! Keep coming up with all these creative ideas coming please!! Take care and check out my pictures for the week if you have time.

    1. Miss Dawn, I have been trying to find your blog because I wanted to check on your progress last week but a) i wasn’t even sure if you get my replies (i’m new at this!) and 2) your blog link doesn’t show up on the comments. Send me your link so I can save it in my favs…I thought I had done that but I can’t find it now. I CAN’T WAIT to see your stuff so far!

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