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5 memories of my younger days

i got to thinking…about the cool things i never want to forgot from my childhood. right now…there are 5 things but i’m sure i’ll add to it. so here are the first 5.


mud football with my older brothers and their friends
(no this is not an actually picture of us. if it was, there’d be a lot more tube sock action.)


MTV’s totally rad game show: remote control


alpha beta. the town i grew up in had one.


class photos where all the kids were actually all together. (not my class but you get the idea.) my kiddos have never had a class photo together. now they just put each kid’s photo in a square and throw it onto an 8×10. i just noticed that the boys and girls are separated. LOL!


this car. my mom drove a gold 1970 Chevelle Malibu with a black top. i LOVED this car. i had dreams of driving it when I got older but my big bro got it and i guess something went wrong with it and they had to get rid of it. i gotta level with you…i was devastated. someday my friends…someday i will have this car back…or at least something close to it’s age.



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