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not your mother’s mason jar

Mason Jars aren’t just for canning. Well, they still can be but check out all the other things I use Mason Jars for around my house.



I keep craft supplies handy.


When the family is battling colds and viruses, we keep cough drops out on the counter…right by the cuties.


Crayons are a perfect fit in the wide mouth jars. Adds a cute and colorful punch to the table too.


I can’t be the only one who thinks cleaning those store bought toothbrush holders is impossible. So I use a mason jar to keep our stuff in. It’s easy to look at, get the toothpaste out of and super easy to clean.


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1 thought on “not your mother’s mason jar”

  1. All your ideas are cute for the jars. I especially like the crayons and cough drops that you did. Thanks for the ideas. I’m hoping to get some for the summer and put them in my kitchen window with one flower in each one.

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