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buttons! buttons! buttons!

Since I can remember, my mom has kept her buttons in this container.

It reminds me of childhood. Of the days when she would sew and I would dump all the buttons out at her feet and imagine what I could do and make. Then mt OCD would take over and I’d organize them by color. But aaaaaanyhoo…I love this container. It’s got style and memories. Buuuuut…I can’t see the dang buttons.


I’m removing all the buttons from their paper backings and putting them in this.


Now I can see them and sort through them easily when I’m searching.

Mmmm…yummy buttons!

And as for you, container full of memories. I am going to make sure you get repourposed so I can enjoy you again. You’ll be useful again, I promise!


1 thought on “buttons! buttons! buttons!”

  1. How cute this post is. My mom just brought me some of her buttons too for scrapping with. I’m thinking of orgainzing them by color, not sure though. Buttons are the best for games, crafts, anything. Enjoy

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