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project life // keeping it together

Since I can do my Project Life album in the family room I figured I needed a place to keep all the stuff I use. A simple plastic file crate was the perfect choice. I have used this crate for so many things over the years…I forgot to clean off the dust. =) I used 2 leftover IKEA boxes from my Launch and Land Redo to hold all the supplies.

I can store my photo filer and my paper cutter.


The 2 square boxes fit the card inserts perfectly as well as all the supplies I need.


And the best thing is that I can stow it all under the side table in the family room…away from curious little hands.


1 thought on “project life // keeping it together”

  1. I like that you set it all up in one spot to make it easier for you. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and hope you feel better soon. Yes, that was beef jerky wrapper, lol….. I surprised my son and bought a little snack size of them for his snack last week and he was VERY HAPPY about it , so that had to go in there to remember. My daughter’s arm is much better now too thanks.

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