sweet shot tuesday @ M3B

After being sicker than a dog last week and weekend, my poor camera didn’t click a whole lot. But feeling better on the back end of this week got us outside and got mommy a little snap happy.


Marshall desperately wanted to play with the sidewalk chalk so of course, I drew him a train. This shot felt so right and I could hardly wait to get it into PSE to see how it came out.


Here’s how this picture happened:

Gibson: “Hey Mom, I’m gonna go upside down in the tree. Check this out!”
Me: “Would you mind if I snapped a few pictures of you in the tree?”
Gibson: “Sure!” (He shrugged, but smiled and let me snap away and even direct him around a little.)

So happy with this one!


Saturday turned out to be beautiful! I sat near the window with warm sun shining on my while I painted my toenails a cute pink color. Gibson and I drove to my favorite scrapbook store while Marshall napped and Matt edited in peace. Then a quick jaunt to the park before the rain came. And of course, something beautiful and pink screamed to me from afar as we approached the playground. I love this tree. It brings such light and brilliance to a sometimes dreadful time of year. I think its sole purpose in life is to remind us that Spring is coming and the sun will warm us soon.


6 thoughts on “sweet shot tuesday @ M3B”

  1. These are all great!! I love your kiddo’s attitude and the pink flowers! I can’t wait for them to show up here.

    I’m loving the creativity with the chalk shot! I’m going to need to invest in some soon! 🙂

  2. Really great shots. The chalk pic turned out great!! Love the shadows in that one. You are so lucky that your son doesn’t mind getting his picture taken. I have to bribe mine!

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