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mothers and children

I usually don’t review the books I read, but this series has made such an impact on my life…and I’m not even done with Her Daughter’s Dream.

I simply need to acknowledge that I am blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with my mom. She has been my support and my guide in so many aspects of my life. The teenage years weren’t always peachy but I knew she loved me and never doubted it. Like the women in these stories, we’ve both gone through trials and have had to push through tough times. But we seem to have avoided any resentment that could have built up had she not been there for me.

Originally I saw myself in Marta. A little harder on one of her children for fear she would grow up like her sibling. Oh my goodness how that completely parallels my thoughts and fears for my oldest. Learning about why Marta treats Hildie differently slapped a mirror right in front of my face. Gibson will not turn out like the relative I fear. He is different and grew up in different circumstances and has a different view. But their similarities cannot be denied. I will continue to pray for my sons and I know that God has their paths marked out before them.

Marta taught me a great deal about myself in the first book, an ugly side of myself I didn’t want to see. But I understood and made the change. Moving on to the second book, which my mom and I are both reading at the same time, gives me a new perspective on how things really were and what they should have said. I do not want to be the child who carries hurt from her mother nor do I want to be mother who has burdened her children with the same hurt. Lessons learned.

These books, as with any of Francine Rivers’ works, have been absolute blessings. I feel like I know these women and that they are here to teach us. Through her words and stories, this series opened my eyes to the kind of mother I want to be and the kind of daughter I hope I am.

I love you mom!




1 thought on “mothers and children”

  1. This is so sweet, love what you learned and thought of while reading these books. Happy for you and your mom being close. My mom and I were close for a long time then some things happened and we rarely saw or talked to each other for 4 years. I am trying to forgive and move forward with her and make new memories, some days it’s tough because I’m more cautious and not trusting anymore. Thank you for these book ideas, will check and see if the library has them. I also read on a long time ago that really spoke to me and prepared me a little for what my girls are going thru. The teen years are not pretty with 2 girls in the house. In a way you might be lucky to have sons who won’t be so emotional and drama like these teens of mine. Have a good week.

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