a red belt and red shoes…makes me feel pretty

As of late, I have been pleased with my fashion choices. I don’t follow Project Runway or any of the fashion mags but I feel I have always had a good sense of style. I have taken some pics of my outfits over the past couple months but haven’t posted them because…well…I tend to feel silly when I’m taking pictures of myself. =) But I’m getting better at it and after running into Momma Go Round‘s blog I think I can do it! Hey, everyone else is doing it right? =)

So here’s my outfit today:

White button-up: Kohl’s
Black tank
Red belt: came with something from a few years ago
Flare kahki’s: Old Navy
Red pr!vo flats: Ross 2 years ago for $10 (because they had no price tag…sweet deal)

I’m linked up at Mommy Go Round:
Momma Go Round


4 thoughts on “a red belt and red shoes…makes me feel pretty”

  1. I was headed over here anyways to comment on your ADORABLE red belt and how insanely jealous I am that you have it cause I can’t find on in that fabulous of a red (like my run-on sentence?), when your sweet comment came through! Thank you so much for the support. It’s nice to know that someone else understands what I’m saying and feeling with the hubby gone so much. Unless you’ve lived it, it’s hard to get. It is so true though, they need that daddy influence so badly. I can so no forty-five times, daddy says it once and it suddenly sticks. Thanks for making me feel less alone, I really needed that!

    1. Oh Nina, I am so glad you read my comment. I was having a hard time sleeping, thinking of how you must be dealing and feeling. Recalling all the fighting between my son and I because I needed to let him know I was the boss. It actually caused some resentment to build up between us, more from me. Something that now, at 9 I am totally having to change in myself. And it was the same with us, my guy could just look at my son and he’d behave. Why do they know all our buttons and how much they can push them? Add on top of that him being a boy, being strong-willed and a know-it-all. YIKES! I have faith in you that if you remain patient with your little one, this phase will surely pass and you will be on to bigger and different issues. Let me know if you ever need anything!

      OMG, I just remembered that my red belt came with a skirt from Ross…super find! Good luck in your hunt and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

      Keep it up sista!

  2. Look at you girl!! You look so good in that outfit. How fun to dress up and get your photo, love love all the splash of red. You are totally cool for doing this and linking up to show it off. How cute and happy you look also. Way to go!

    I read the comment about you and your little boy, so sending hugs a little late but sincere though. Raising kids is the toughest job we have, every day is a struggle to keep the peace and teach them manners and how to be a good person when they become an adult. If only we could skip past this awkard age and get to the fun stuff. I’m so thankful for my oldest in college and now is understanding what I had to do when being a mother and about the rules and about making good choices in life. She calls me all the time and says I get it now mom, it makes sense and then says your the best and I love you. So now I have 3 more to go before they are out on their own and hopefully will call me and say the same thing. So good luck and stay strong and one day he will call you too and say thanks for being tough on me mom,

  3. Thanks so much girls! the encouragement is really what I need. I know we will get through this, I just need to work on keeping it more positive. If I can keep some perspective and remember that this won’t last forever (easier said than done) I think it will help him stay calm!

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