While photographing some of our favorite things today for the Joy of Luck day 4, I asked Gibson to sit down so I could take a pic of him in his favorite hoodie. He complied and with his natural look and some natural light, this is what I got. Beautiful and barely edited. Happy week 11 of twenty-eleven.


6 thoughts on “project.fiftytwophotos.week11

    • retrohipmama says:

      He was totally acting for the camera! But right now, his adult teeth are growing in and he doesn’t care much for his smile. Still handsome though. =)
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • retrohipmama says:

      Thank you! He has been on the “don’t take my picture” bus so even when i don’t get a smile I am getting something! He was happy to have his pic taken, surprisingly, he was soooo playing up for the camera. =)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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