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the abc’s of us – andrea


1. Age – 31

2. Bed size – two twins to equal a king

3. Chore you dislike the most – dusting

4. Dog? Nope.

5. Essential start to your day – waking up. i have no other necessities other than showering.

6. Favorite color- red, yellow, black and pink (but not necessarily together…but sometimes)

7. Gold or Silver- silver

8. Height- 5’3

9. Instruments you have played – flute, piano, trumpet

10. Job Life – Account Manager from 7-11 and 12-4, Wife, Mommy, taxi, housecleaner, chef, dictator, investigator, insane for the other 16.

11. Kids- Yeppers. 2 boys. Gibson Burns (9) and Marshall Reagan (3)

12. Live – Northern California

13. Mom’s name – Janet

14. Nicknames – Drea or Dre

15. Overnight hospital stays – Only when I had my two kiddos

16. Pet Peeves – slow drivers, turn laggers, people who stand in the isles and don’t move, people who use too many cliches…I could totally go on and on

17. Quote from a movie – “That which separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” – Truvy from Steel Magnolias + all the other lines from Steel Magnolias + every line from Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Friday and Pulp Fiction

18.Righty or Lefty or Politics- righty for both

19, Siblings – 2 brothers (40 and 38) and a sis (31).

20. Time you wake up on weekdays – 5:30a

21. Underwear – yes. mostly cute but comfy.

22. vegetable you don’t like – brussel sprouts and bell peppers

23. What makes you late – usually only the kids but I am always on time so it’s never my fault!

24. Xray you have had – i have. my foot. marshall threw a 3 pound dumbbell on the side of my foot. OWWCH!

25. Yummy good food you make – i rock the french toast, the egg burittos and crispy chicken.

26. Zoo animal favorite – bears and tigers. the big and fierce animals are so cool.

4 thoughts on “the abc’s of us – andrea”

  1. Andrea I love reading this about you. It was interesting to see what others have for their answers. Well we have the movies in common Pretty Women is my very very favorite and I also love Steel Magnolias and Dirty Dancing is good too. I don’t know all the lines for the last two, though just some of them. I like the yummy foods you picked and would like to have crispy chicken mine is never crispy just boring I guess. Thanks so much for playing along.

    1. Can you believe how much we have in common? I mean how many people have ONLY had an xray on their foot? US! So fun, thanks for sharing…I will be posting Gibson’s answers this week…er…maybe weekend.
      Maybe I will do a post on my crispy chicken recipe. Super easy and tasty!!

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