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cute little thrifty treasure

Remember that $4 shirt I found at Goodwill? It actually fits…perfectly…and the best part…

i can wear my red shoes with it!

Marshall likes to help.

I love the detailing on the front.

Anyhoo…just felt cute today!


And a super big thanks to Momma Go Round and the pleated poppy blog for inspiring me to document my style today so I can remember it tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “cute little thrifty treasure”

  1. THAT was a thrifted find??!!! That’s so cute and TOTALLY instyle right now. Really jealous…you make me want to try thrifting again. I never find anything good 😦

    1. Yes ma’am!!! Can you believe that? I loved the color combo so I swiped it, thinking i might make a pillow or something. Hot dang I tried it on and yes…totally wearable!

      I try to get over to thrift stores every few months (my hubby gets all weird about me buying too much “junk” so I keep it at a minimum. But I am still working on fixing up all the stuff I found from my last trip. You can see everything in my Thrifty Treasures category. Check ’em out.

      Um…I see you found yourself a red belt! Right on! =)

  2. I like your shirt, looks great on you and a nice spring color. Way to go on wearing the red shoes with it, happy feet!! You are a natural in front of the camera and behind it, CONGRATS!!

  3. You look fantastic, I love the red shoes! Great find on the shirt too!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my Real Momma, Real Style. I really appreciate it! 🙂

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