are those open-toed shoes? uh…yeah!

It finally feels like spring this week in Northern California. 68 degrees for this outfit and I absolutely HAD to wear cute shoes. It’s rare that I hop into heels these days…I think I may have hit that age where comfort wins most days. But I LOVE these shoes and they don’t kill my feet at the end of the day.

Here’s the outfit:

Plaid pleated shirt: Kohls
Cardigan (hand altered by me to make the button at the top instead of 3 at the waist)
Gray capris: Old Navy
Peep-toe pumps: Ross
Accessories: earrings from Target and ring is handmade by me!

hehe=I’m thinking maybe I should clean my mirror before I take anymore pictures!

And a super big thanks to Momma Go Round and the pleated poppy blog for inspiring me to document my style today so I can remember it tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “are those open-toed shoes? uh…yeah!”

  1. LOVE IT! What a great idea to button the cardigan at the top so your cute top shows! Amen for the shoes sista! The only heels I rock these days are wedges cause I feel like I have some level of stability in them while carrying LJ. LOVE yours though!

  2. you are stunning, and I LOVE the idea of switching the buttoms from the bottom to the top, I have 2 sweaters I’m about to do this now from your suggestions, thank you!

    1. Hi Blair! Thanks so much for stopping by! Ya know, some of those sweaters just don’t work right when they are buttoned at the waist…gotta fix that!
      Can’t wait to see what you do with yours. =)

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