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thumb bunny loves you // easter card idea + FREEBIE

In December, I attempted to send Christmas cards. FAIL.
I figured I’d just do them for New Year’s to wish everyone a happy twenty11. FAIL.
A shirtless photo shoot of my two whipper-snappers would be SO cute for a Valentines Day card! FAIL.

Then I ran across kristy.makes and her fabulous thumbprint bunnies…and BAM! SUCCESS.

Here is the final image, as a 4×6 photo.

I love this idea for 3 reasons:
1) i didn’t have to prepare the family for a photo shoot
2) you can still tell how different our sizes are by the thumb prints
3) they’re so stinkin’ cute!

Here’s how you can make your own:

Print the free card template [below] on white cardstock. [i printed 2 in case of a major ink disaster. i was working with a 3yo]
Have each person do their prints in the designated area. [thumb = head and pinkies = ears]
Once the ink is dry, draw little bunny eyes and whiskers and things. Kristy’s are so cute! Add the names and ages of all family members too for a personal touch.
Scan or take a picture of the finished thumb prints card (I did a minor edit to it in PhotoShop so the colors were more vivid).
Save the entire image as a jpg and upload it to your favorite photo developing site.
Oh yeah, and then mail them.
Or you can send them by email which I might end up doing if I can’t find the right size envelopes.
(the green border is meant to be smaller than 4×6 so you can have white space at the edges so there’s no need to stretch the image to the edges.)

a freebie for my lovely bloggy buddies!

download the jpg
download the png

Is there ‘thumb bunny’ out there who you love? Send them a card this Easter!

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3 thoughts on “thumb bunny loves you // easter card idea + FREEBIE”

  1. those are AWESOME! i love that you added ages next to the names! i may have to go back & do that as well! 🙂 so cute! thanks for linking back to me!: )

  2. This is so stinkin cute. Thanks for the printable! I still have New Years cards AND my 9 month old’s birth announcement to send out so maybe I’ll just stick one of these in also. 😉

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