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tuesday was a good day + outfit post

You know when you have those good days? Those days when you’re smiling, things are going your way and to top it off…you look cute? Yeah. That was my Tuesday.

Started off with an on-time wake up after a fabulously solid night’s sleep.
I had this out fit picked out the night before (’cause that’s what I do), but flip-flopped mentally, thinking I wanted to wear something else. But I really love the combo so I went for it.

Here it is: (pardon the wrinkles, I’d been at work all day)
Dress: Kohl’s (last spring)
Belt: Came with a skirt…can’t recall where I got it
Leggings: Kohl’s
Black flats: Payless (almost 3 years ago)
Ring: my design (see this post for a better shot)
Flower: my design (sorry there’s no close-up)

Not only was I feeling cute…hair was rockin’ the polka dot flower and the sun was shining.

Best part was…I was picking up my little Marshall-man after work! He spent some much needed time with my parents and had been with them since Sunday night.

As much as I love him, we all needed a break:
My super talented filmmaker hubby needed time to work on a short film he and my 9yo shot for a local video contest. If you’re interested (not trying to advertise or anything, but we blew up peeps in a Die Hard kinda way and it’s pretty much awesome), check it out here.
I needed to just chill. I didn’t have internet (our modem went out which affected our wireless router) so I couldn’t use my free time to blog or edit and develop pics but the quiet was nice. Our 9yo and I had a long talk about growing up…puberty and all that fun stuff. I am glad we both feel comfy talking together…I want this to be ongoing.

To top off the night, I made some fabulous burgers on the indoor grill, seasoned fries and a big ‘ole salad! Helped Gibson with homework, built trains and cuddled with Marshall. They read together, we watched PEEP HARD one last time for the night and they went to bed. Still no wireless so I closed up the laptop, washed my face, set out my clothes for today and jumped into bed to watch reruns of ‘The Golden Girls’ and ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway’ while the hubs stayed up to work.

Ahhh Tuesday…you were good to me. =)

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5 thoughts on “tuesday was a good day + outfit post”

  1. you are just so cute, love your outfits. I wear the same jeans and sweatshirt everyday and have 4 shirts and jeans to pick from when I go out, that’s it. You need to come and take me shopping so I can wear cute clothes too. Where are you in this picture, I love the yellow background, really pops against your outfit. Your Tuesday sounds amazing and full of fun and love and life. Good days really keep us going and can make us smile for days. Your posts always make me happy. So when can we go shopping?lol

    1. Hey Dawn,
      You NEED to get out and get shopping, even if you just look and get ideas! If we lived remotely close to one another a shopping trip would be a must! =)
      I was actually at IKEA. That’s a half-way point between my folks and I so we always meet there. Just happened to see that giant yellow wall and knew it would look awesome with my b/w outfit.
      Thanks for reading Dawn, life is good. I’m not much of a complainer but when it’s good like this, I want to remember it.
      I haven’t had internet at home so I’ll be catching up on your blog when I can…can’t wait to see how your PL is going. My pics have been slacking a little…but we’re getting the back yard livable again so I’ll get going more. I did take picks of our recent meals…we’ll see how those turn out.
      Have a great Friday and weekend if we don’t type. =)

    1. So true Ginny, I need these good days more often! Thanks for reading! I have been without internet at home so I’m so behind on your blog and I am excited to catch up.
      Hope you have a great Friday. =)

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