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what i wore on wednesday

I wore it today and it totally worked! The fabric flower sash was so much fun to wear!

I met my folks at IKEA again to pick up Gibson who they’ve had since Sunday night. And this time, the stairs were perfect for a little camera action. Thanks ma for the great shots!

So here it is…my outfit today:

White sweater: I have no clue…have had it for a few years
Black tank: Walmart
Brown flare pants: Old Navy
Black flats: Payless
Belt: made by me (see the tutorial here)
Accessories: necklace (target) ring (made by me)

I have so enjoyed documenting my wardrobe. Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing!

I’m linked up at:

Momma Go Round  the pleated poppy blog

9 thoughts on “what i wore on wednesday”

  1. That totally works!! It’s super cute. I’m going to have to try this and see what I come up with (probably a disaster since I’ve never made anything like it before!

  2. Love the outfit! The belt totally reminds me of the one Lindsey made on Pleated Poppy, so stinkin’ cute! You totally pull the cute belt fashion!

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that if you ever have a great project and or idea you should send me an email or link it up to Spunky Junky’s Feature Friday party…and I PROMISE to recognize you and post a link back to your blog, promise!

    Cute blog chicka!


  3. You look so cute again. I love the belt with the white sweater, gives it a nice pop of color. The color goes well with your eyes and hair color too I think. Way to go on making it. Thanks for sharing your cute outfits.

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