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I SPY: around the house

Be gentle, it’s my first time.

Seriously though, I went around the house this week, snapping away at random parts of the house…but not for this blog series actually.
Maybe because my house was kinda picked up.
Maybe it was because we were having tacos.
Maybe it was because the light was good in the kitchen.
Maybe because I’m nuts about working with my camera.

Either way, I just spied Little Miss Momma’s series: I SPY for the first time and whad-a-ya know…it’s all about the innards of our homes. YAY!

So here’s a little peek into my itty bitty, kinda pretty (and a little $h!tty), very temporary house.

i spy…my little dudes playing in the middle of the street. (it’s a safe street, not to worry!)

i spy…a photo wall with 2yo pictures. (they are being updated this weekend)

i spy…

1) a newly painted chair. (when we bought this dining set from IKEA, our family was 3 deep. gibson had his high chair and we only bought 2 chairs because they were $60 each. they were birch like the table and I later bought 2 black chairs that were cheaper for the boys. Not thinking I could paint over the slick laminate finish, I hesitated. But now I finally have 4 matching chairs! I’ll be doing a before and after soon.)
2) our Nana plant. (when my dear MIL passed away 3 years ago, the company my hubby worked for sent us this plant. my goal was to keep it alive in her memory. it’s our Nana plant. =D)

i spy…taco fixins. yum.

i spy…motivational graphic art. (the believe in yourself graphic is by sprik space and is pretty awesome. and if you’re looking at the details you might notice a strand of Christmas lights over there in the corner. yup, i have them hung up on the ceiling because the hubs prefers the lighting. and if you like those embroidery hoops, check out the tutorial.)

i spy…oh so that’s where my black flips are. and a clean table.

So that’s a bit of our home. I am loving this series and and linking up over at Little Miss M0mma’s I SPY party!


2 thoughts on “I SPY: around the house”

  1. I love all the little things in your home, such great taste and fun stuff you have. So happy to see you blogging almost daily and having fun stuff to see, thank you thank you.

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