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my mom is pretty wicked awesome

This is my mom. Yeah, she’s pretty cool. We like a lot of the same things and enjoying hanging out. I get all my craftiness from her. She made all my clothes when I was a little ..drea. She is a super quilter and a master organizer. I. JUST. LOVE. HER.

So we read Water for Elephants a few months ago, together. Me with a traditional ole’ book and her on her Kindle. I think we finished within a few days of each other and had a half-hour conversation about it we were both done. Seriously, one of the best stories I have ever read.

She’s the only one I would have wanted to see the movie with. I liked that we both cried at the same parts. (and it was a lot…stupid sappy movies that I love.)

Starving, we stopped at SAMS for hot dogs and cherry coke…and the pics I sent for developing.
Oh and we saw a preview at the theater today for this movie and we excited to see it when it came out.

The Help Poster

BUT THEN…we were browsing books at SAMS (because I am almost done with my current book) and you’ll never guess what we found…

SO yeah…I guess Silence of the Lamb will have to wait.

Home to see my hubby off for a poker night with the guys and we were ready to work. We spent a few hours cleaning up my backyard. We rent and the landscaping is very high maintenance so one little winter reeks major havoc on the yard. We took it from this:

to this:

It’s almost there. All the knee high weeds are gone and the flower and garden beds are ready for planting. The square is ready for pavers and the mow strip has been re-drawn.

After fabulous chicken enchiladas and a bath for Marshall, we ventured out into the garage to organize my scrap area. She knows exactly how to make me toss stuff and how to make the things I’m keeping…well…fit.

So yeah, my mom’s pretty rad.

2 thoughts on “my mom is pretty wicked awesome”

  1. How cool to be this close to your mom and share the whole day together with her. So cute that you read the same book with her too. I was thinking of seeing that movie but wasn’t sure since it got a bad write up here for us. Your yard looks amazing and so ready for spring/summer. We are getting drowned over here in the wind,cold, rain, rain, rain. It’s the first Spring break we didn’t play outside, didn’t go to the parks, didn’t ride bikes, didn’t wear new spring clothes and flip-flops, no fun at all when you can’t go outside. So happy for you and the warm weather and being outdoors. Happy for you and your mom spending time together and she helps you organize and taught you sewing. My mom made all our dresses and little jackets when we were little too. Sadly she didn’t think to save any of them, would have been nice just to have a few. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  2. I literally finished The Help yesterday. Girl, there are no words for this book. It’s a life changer. I was going to blog about it, so if you see the title “book review” in the near future, don’t read it. But seriously, enjoy every page. The best book I have read.

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