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movies i can see in my future

YOU: another list? really?
ME: yep. sorry. it’s how i roll. =D

this time it’s movies i haven’t seen yet and movies i want to (eventually) watch with Gibson. he’s still 9 so obviously we’re not watching Blair Witch this weekend.

I’ll probably be linked up to a party or two, just not sure where yet. =D


4 thoughts on “movies i can see in my future”

  1. I find it crazy that you’ve never seen Forrest Gump before!

    I do find it funny though that of all those movies I’ve only seen three! (FG + The Town + LOTR)

    I’d so bring my popcorn over because half of those movies were on my list too!

    I once got ambitious and wanted to watch every movie that one an Oscar for Best Picture for that year. It’s quite the list and I have some time to do it so I’m not in too big of hurry!

    Have a great Easter weekend!

    1. Jessica! I have to clarify…all the movies on the right are movies I HAVE seen, but my boy hasn’t and I want to watch those with him. Forrest Gump is one of my all time faves!

      boy that is ambitious girl! Do you plan to review them as well, or just check them off your list? I:)

  2. I love this list idea and have thought of it for my girls. I agree with Forrest Gump and Field Of Dreams. The others would be My Girl one and two, Father of the Bride 1&2 , Sixteen Candles, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Pretty In Pink. That’s all I can think of for now but their is more then when they are older older it will be Pretty Women, my very favorite of course then StepMom with Susan Saradon and Julia Roberts, I love these two ladies. There will probably be a few more added to the list but it’s a start.

    So they announced today that the new 30day list is going to be in Sept. can’t believe we have to wait that long. I’m loving your ideas and reading them. They are looking for idea lists if you want to send some in.

    p.s. I just thought of another movie, Major League with all the women baseball players, loved it.

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