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HAPPY:) tote upcycle

remember this? didn’t mean to tease you too much. well, maybe i did…a little. 😉

here’s what it resulted in.

you like?


here’s how i did it:

green tote: free from a work vendor (it had their logo on the one side)
flower print shirt: i bought it at Kohl’s last summer for $4. i wore it a few times but my hubby says i look like Naomi from Mama’s Family. maybe he’s right…but i figured i could still enjoy the print and not have the hubs crackin’ jokes.
 another piece of coordinating scrap fabric
matching thread
cricut or other laser cutting machine
use-able fuse-able: suggested but not used in this tutorial

here’s the original tote

measure how tall you want your letters

cut the letters out

you still with me? good!
these are your letter templates.

pin the letter templates to your fabric. i was working with knit…it’s tough so take it slow and easy when you cut the letters out.

ahhhh, finally done! here is where you’d use the use-able fuse-able but i didn’t have any so i used a glue stick to secure them down while i sewed them on.

i stitched right down the center of the letters and kinda enjoyed the messiness of it. it wasn’t intended to be perfect so i even went off the letters at some of the ends.

what a mess! then i trimmed all the random strings from the inside.

i cut the elastic collar and bottom from the shirt and sewed it to the top of the bag to cover the black edge.

then i broke my needle by going a little too fast over the thick seams.

but after a quick replacement, i finished up.

now time for the straps.
i used the coordinating fabric to cover the existing straps.
cut the strips 2 1/2 times the width of the strap to allow for enough coverage. i stitched a simple zig-zag to seal the raw edges.

sew the straps to the inside and here you have it. HAPPY 🙂 and between you and me, i actually clapped with myself after i took this picture!

i made a small pocket and a couple stars to cover the logo on the backside. i think i’ll be able to find my keys now!

so that’s it! i am one HAPPY 🙂 girl!

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5 thoughts on “HAPPY:) tote upcycle”

  1. WOW! That’s awesome! I wouldn’t have even thought of that in a million years! Well I guess it would help if I had all the handy machines you do! I have a thread and needle. I have yet to come across a sewing machine yet…I’m kinda hoping that my mother will give me one of hers! 🙂 I am her daughter for goodness sakes right?!

  2. You are so talented. I love the bag and your HAPPY word for it. Way to go on this. I laughed at what your husband said about your shirt. I use to watch that show and know what he means by the print of your shirt, but in your photo the shirt looks great on you and doesn’t look old like it is on the show. It was a cute top but it’s nice that you can still reuse it for something too. Happy Sunday/ Easter

  3. This turned out darling! I have saved some shirts that look funky on me and I think I’ll use one for something like this. Thanks for the tutorial!

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