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dining set redo // part 1 // the chairs

Here’s a story, of a chair and table.
Who were dreaming of two chairs that they knew.
Two of them had shades of birch, like the table.
The other two were black. ( i realize that doesn’t rhyme…go with me here.)

Til the one day when their owner bought some spray paint.
She knew she could stand it no longer.
And this group would somehow look the sa-ame.
That’s the way they all became the same color.

Wow, if you sang that like the Brady Bunch theme and could follow along…kudos to you. That was tough! But seriously folks…the story is that when we bought the table and chair, there were only 3 of us. The chairs were $60 each so we only bought two. When our family grew, we hopped back over to IKEA and found two similar chairs (only in black) for $20 each. We just had to deal with two of the dining chairs being different and we were okay with that.

I mean…it’s okay like this. It’s a $60 chair and it matches my $200 table. I love them both. My table fits us perfectly when we are 4 but if we need more, I have 2 leaves! I spent months researching the IKEA catalog for the right style and price for us. 4 years ago…this was it. Since the purchase I went from the stock white chair cover to black (for the last 3 years), and then to this Coca-Cola tapestry my mom found in Ohio (for the last 4 months). It’s time for a change.

But honestly I wasn’t sure this laminate finish would hold a coat of anything. So I got brave one night and sprayed part of the inside of the back leg for a test. I used a black flat, instead of a gloss and it worked. I was thrilled the next morning when I saw it took. So of course, I grabbed the other chair, unscrewed the seats and started spraying away!

While they they dried I managed to find the original white covers and replaced the two previous ones. Much better, ya think?

I love when things match!

Now…I am on a super quest to decide what to do with the table. Ideas are flowing like mad!


3 thoughts on “dining set redo // part 1 // the chairs”

  1. Way to go on the black chairs. I love the brady bunch theme song and yes I hummed it while I read your post. Great job on the makeover, you are so smart. The table looks great already but can’t wait to see what ideas you have. Have fun.

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