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just a little rain during our easter egg hunt. it didn’t stop the kiddos from finding all the treasures.
but what I really love…is how the little water drops just kick it. they don’t have to move or dance around to be loved. they just are.

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5 thoughts on “project.fiftytwophotos.week16”

  1. What is it about water droplets? I think it is that capturing of the light, but they do make for wonderful photos and I love this shot!

  2. Love this photo, makes me want summer to get here already. Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. I enjoy your blog so much and glad I found it, so much fun coming here and seeing all your newest projects and funny posts. I wish we didn’t have to wait till Sept. to start another 30 day list, that’s too long to wait and I’m not a patient person. Have a wonderful Wednesday, hmmm are you wearing something new and cute and going to post about it tomorrow???? I hope so!!

    1. Hi Janet! unfortunately I have to hand weed around the blocks but weeds have not crept into the actual plants too much so they are easy to manage. Thanks for coming by and stopping to leave a comment! Hope you find other things you like!

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