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Easter weekend // 2011

we colored eggs this year. last year marshall was too young and gibson wasn’t super interested. but marshall insisted so we boiled and colored and it made him smile. of course we still stuffed nearly 40 plastic eggs with chocolate candy and I am all for tossing it already!
here are some of my favorite shots from the festivities.

we had a very low-key, stay at home and pretend it’s not really a holiday so we can get things done around the house and not feel guilty about not making a fancy dinner or going to a lawn full of other kids who are trying to get the same eggs as our kid kind of weekend. we did make a fun and fave breakfast on Saturday morning. it will be a post this weekend. look for it!


3 thoughts on “Easter weekend // 2011”

  1. You are really on a blogging roll, how do you find the time lady. So glad you make the time though, thank you for sharing these with us. I love the photos of your boys and the eggs with the paper towel all colorful in the shot, what a great one. Coloring eggs is a big deal at our house, each kid and my hubby gets their own dozen eggs, I boil them all. Then I usually leave the house because I hate to say it but it’s not fun with the kids when they wouldn’t show patience for letting them sit in the cups for more then 10 seconds. They were making a mess and putting them in all the cups and not quite getting what leave them in the cups for at least 5mts meant. So my dear hubby said you go shopping and I will do the eggs with them. So I shop and he does the eggs and even tries to get pictures for me. Now the kids are older but they are use to doing it with their dad so I go shopping still. This year I thought we should do them with my grandma, she has alzhimers and we try to do more with her and include her. She had a lot of fun with the kids and my kids were GREAT AND PATIENT!! Sometimes we just sit at home on Easter too and just hang out and share the day together no fancy meal or anything either. I think we are allowed this one day to enjoy and be lazy. Looks like your boys Easter bunny believes in leaving toys behind too and not much candy. I love filling their baskets with springtime goodies to play with rather then candy. Can’t wait to see what you fave breakfast is, see you soon.

  2. We didn’t have a big to do either; I felt terrible for not taking the wee one on an egg hunt, but I don’t think he would have gotten the point. Next year maybe.
    I love your pics!

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