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what i wore this week

this is typically after work, running errands kind of outfit.

Green hoodie: Old Navy
White tee: Kohls
Brown flares: Old Navy
Brown checkered Airwalks: Payless

my hair was down earlier…it never really lasts that long.

pretty much my favorite shoes

then it was 70 degrees today so i rocked one of my favorite skirts to work today.
Stitched flower skirt: Susie’s $5 Deals
Black tee: Kohls
Flip-flops: Old Navy

the beautiful and always hip Hillary of Help a Mutha reminded of my bright yellow cropped cardi. i enjoy wearing it with an equally bright top. it’s warm again today so here’s my threads:

Yellow cardi: Target
Purple top: ??
Black capris: had them since right after I had my 9yo. they are taken in quite a bit
Beaded mules: Mervyn’s (yeah you remember Mervyn’s right? Got these on clearance for $17 and they are my 2nd favorite shoes EVER!)

Let me first apologize about these pics. I really need to find a great spot to take these wardrobe shots…the lighting in my house just sucks and I have no real concrete to stand on. boo.

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4 thoughts on “what i wore this week”

  1. WOW we get 3 outfit peeks today, thank you girlfriend. Such a nice treat, I thought you were skipping this weeks. All 3 of them look good on you and I like all the styles and colors of them. I like your hair down or up both ways is good. How come you like it up? Thanks for sharing these with us. I’m hoping to go shopping at Kohl’s soon to get some spring/summer clothes. Have a great day.

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