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a date you can’t forget


Yes, I have once again, been inspired by an amazing artist! And she has an awesome name…Andrea! a.steed to be more specific. She came up with this dated wall art and I couldn’t help myself. You HAVE to check out the rest of her original art…she’s got it goin’ on!

Here’s how I made mine:

I made an 8×10 canvas in Photoshop. (you can do this in word or publisher too.)
I made 5 text boxes and typed our dates.
[If you didn’t guess the dates…you’re not alone. It took me a minute to understand what it was after the awesome graphics caught my eye. From top to bottom it’s hubby b-day, my b-day, our wedding day, Gibson’s b-day and Marshall’s b-day. Again…pretty awesome right?] 
Then I played with the fonts and sizes until they fit.
Print. Done.

I had a cheap frame that was intended for another purpose so I painted it, and the matting it came with.
2 coats. Sprayed and dried. Done.

Reassemble the glass and frame and here it is. Ready to hang in less than 30 minutes. Try it.


3 thoughts on “a date you can’t forget”

  1. I was browsing your blog when 2 of the dates in this post caught my eye. My hubby’s birthday is also 8/22 and my birthday is 2/2. Those were some good dates, huh? 🙂

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