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our favorite meal: breakfast burritos {but dignified}

My daddy’s mexican so basically we had tortillas with dang near everything growing up. and of course, who doesn’t like breakfast burritos? well hang on to your sombreros, you’re in for a surprise! this ain’t your traditional egg burrito. i added a little fancy.

start with eggs of course.

get ’em good and scrambled. ( i season my eggs with salt, pepper and garlic salt)

we’ve done hash browns for years, but sometimes it gets too messy so we’ve recently been using Crispy Crowns. bake ’til their golden and just crispy.

fry up your favorite sausage. we like maple flavor. yum!

toss it all onto a warm tortilla, sprinkle on some cheddar and then…are you ready for the special surprise? can you guess what the extra special ingredient is?

yeppers…that’sĀ hollandaise sauce! pour a bit over top and roll that bad boy up! you will not be disappointed.

hope I didn’t let you down after all that suspense…hehe! hey let me know if you make it and what you thought. it sure is a favorite around here!


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