..drea lately

lately I’ve:

been on a Fleetwood Mac kick. and i mean that seriously. it might be more of an obsession. when i get a chance to throw in my earbuds…it’s straight to FM. the songs that get me dancin’ are: Monday Morning, Second Hand News, String-A-Long, Tusk, You Make Loving Fun, Did You Ever Love Me, Gypsy ( i mean, are there many better guitar riffs than at the end of Gypsy?) and Trinity.  psst….i’m listening to them as I type this. =)

given more though to my outfits. i usually do, really. i work in an office so i can’t bum it and fashion has always been important to me. but i’m stretching myself a bit. thanks to Nina at Momma Go Round and Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy, i am trying new things and really enjoying it! now i just need to convince my hubby that taking pics of my outfits is not vain. maybe he’s just a guy and doesn’t get it?

been bloggin WAY too much. it’s kinda all i think about. i have decided to pre-schedule posts 3-4 days at a time so i am not spending the time each day. it’s getting sort of overwhelming.

has been putting clothes away….all the way.

is kinda enjoying the varieties of having longer hair. this is the longest my hair has been in almost 15 years. i’m a short hair kinda girl and as soon as i can pull some extra cash from that money tree out back, I’m gonna get a bit of a trim.

cannot go to bed without reading. even if i can only get through 1 page, i’m gonna pick up the book and try.

really been enjoying Marshall’s budding personality and watching how he makes such careful and calculated decisions. he’s so OCD, just like his mama.

seen such growth in Gibson. he’ll be turning 10 this summer. DOUBLE DIGITS! he’s more chill these days. we’ve always said he’s our radioactive child. and he’s also making wiser decisions and i am feeling a deeper bond with him since i have made more of an effort to LISTEN to him and smile.

enjoyed mango iced tea every morning instead of a coke.

been making more of an effort to connect with my hubby. he’s crazy busy on a HUGE video project and it’s consuming our family and lives, giving us little time together. so i will walk by him and give him a little back rub and a kiss on the cheek. i don’t want to get used to the distance. this will all be over on MAY 17 th when the DVDs are burned and each family gets a copy of the greatest football season EVER. wanna know more?

been excited about our movie premier.

not been taking as many “little things” pics. i’m not worried about it though. i capture so much good stuff.

become very over stimulated by the amount a crafts and projects i find on other blogs that i stay up stalking and saving ideas and then i am consumed by all the possibilities and the lack of time i really have.

been afraid i will run out of ideas for SHE’S CRAFTY. then i finish a project and already know what i am going to be doing next.

enjoyed a bike ride alone with Gibson. we rode through the neighborhood, which has more hills that i realize when i’m driving, hung out at the jumps, then rode to Rite-Aid for ice cream cones.

had less of a sweet tooth.

whatcha been up to lately?


5 thoughts on “..drea lately”

  1. Hello, I love all your random thoughts and what you’ve been up too. I love your blogging and know it’s hard to keep up on it when you have work, family, life to take care of too. So thanks for whatever little bit you can give us, always fun coming here. I love that you added your what your wearing posts. I don’t think you could ever run out of projects and things to blog about lady, you are too busy and to creative and to fun for that to happen. I just put up a new posts about my “30 day list” on my blog if you have time to check it out. I was wondering what you are putting your 30 day lists in, like a folder or something. So far I haven’t figured it out but would love to hear your idea. Hoping to show new layouts I made in my class from BPS now that it’s over and I can reflect on what I learned and loved from the class. It was so much fun and the people there are great. Funny to hear about your caring on fashion since I use to at one time. It seemed that with each child I had my fashion went out the window even more, so it’s come down to a few shirts/sweatshirts/jeans/tennis shoes and that’s it. I keep saying it will change and I will shop more for me, but then I see something for the kids and know they look cuter then me so there goes all the extra money on them. Hoping one day still to change that and have a cute wardrobe like you. It would help if I had a job to go and dress up for also instead of just staying home everyday. Hope you had a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for understanding Dawn! I will still have plenty to talk about I hope.
      I’ve seen other ladies post several shots from the week and i thought it was a good idea. =)
      Okay, I’m going to your blog tonight, I can’t wait to see your lists! So between me and you i have the sheets in my project binder, not doing anything. i will eventually put them in sheet protectors and put them in a pretty binder all by themselves.
      oooo, more layouts? cool!!! can’t wait to see!

      had a great weekend. hope you did too!!

  2. I too have been getting overwhelmed with blogging and while I try to preplan them, I just don’t work that way! I have to let this part of my life be spontaneous, I guess.
    I love reading your posts though, so feel free to continue blogging daily; I love it!

    1. Hey Gin, thanks for the boost!
      You gotta do what works for you, and i love the randomness of life so hopefully we can both find that perfect balance.
      Gotta share the love cause i too love reading your stuff! =)

  3. Thanks for answering the question on what your doing with your lists. I like that your putting them in page protectors, should have thought of that myself. I wanted to decorate a binder too, so thanks for sharing. Did you make it to my blog last night, I didn’t notice a new comment from it. I did notice the one you made on my random thoughts though and I like your idea of doing one on Andrea too, those are sometimes my favorite kinds to read. This year I have been doing more posts on just thoughts, new news, what I’m loving, and such it’s fun to have a variety of things to look at I think. So head over when you can to see my lists since you inspired me to change all mine and make them more fun instead of the original way I was doing them. I really wanted to do them on paint chips but they weren’t big enough. Might rethink how to use them for the next list though. Oh yea thought more of the movies to watch with my girls and adding “Fried Green Tomatoes” to it, such a good sad movie and I’m going to rethink some of the good action ones I’ve watched and add that to my son’s list and even to the girls lists. Have a good day.

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