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on the first day of may

Nearly 80 degrees on the first of may and man it felt good! The wind has stopped and we were able to take the par-tay out back!

Even though summer is less than 2 months away, today we pretended…and found joy in so many things that warm weather brings. In case you don’t know…I am a summer girl. the winter and gloomy weather starts to bring me down by March and I am itchin’ for more sunshine. Something about that warm ball of heat up there literally make me a different person. I am so looking forward to the summer.

And today’s weather brought us a preview of what it might look like:

fresh suntea

this view

these smiles

water fun

snuggles on the hammock

simple reflections

good tunes

If football is going to be our focus again this year, I am going to take heavy advantage of any moment I can spend in my favorite hammock with my favorite little guys. Which reminds me, I need to gather my “summer box“. (I’ll be doing a post about my summer box this week.)

what does summer look like to you?


2 thoughts on “on the first day of may”

  1. I love love this post, so jealous of all your sunshine warm happy outdoor photos. Our first day of May had a little rain, clouds. I swear it doesn’t go longer then two days without rain, our yard is suffering, the garden will suffer, the kids playing outside doesn’t happen as often. The warm days only last one to two days at most then back to cold, wet, windy temps again. We still have our winter gear, rainy gear, spring gear in all the closets and the by the door. So thank you for sharing these warm pictures with us and reminding me to hang in there and hopefully our summer weather will be here soon. I love love the hammock of you and your boy, how fun is that. All the pictures were from a fun point of view, just what I needed on this rainy Monday morning. Have a great Monday.

    p.s. Some weeks I do plan my blogging posts ahead if I will be busy and other times I don’t. It’s nice to do it both ways. Just have to find what works for you and makes you happy.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and really the lists were easy and more fun then I had planned. You really helped me there with your cute drawings of things. I will keep adding my lists on my post then will do new ones too, prob will borrow your ideas,lol. Glad you liked the undesive one??? on my list. This is me 100% of the time, like should we have chicken or pork should we go to the park or not then it’s which park would be better. I need to STOP doing that because it drives my family crazy. Thanks for letting me know about your hair. I’m sorry for whatever happened to make you feel this way though. I think all women worry about their hair and want someone else’s hair. It’s never the way we want it. Can’t wait to see your post on you past hair styles. Hope your day is a good one and sending you smiles and hugs!!

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