retrohipmama style // it’s getting warm out

I’ve felt kinda silly taking my pictures but I am loving seeing everyone else’s stuff so I keep doing it! I also was never sure what to call my posts. “What I wore” is just kinds boring week after week so I changed it to retrohipmama style // then something about the outfits in general. I dunno, is it corny? Well I’m pulling the trigger so here is retrohipmama style for this weekend:

Fridays at work are the best. Our office does a huge buffet breakfast every friday for the tenants of the building. And even though I can wear jeans any day I want (as long as I’m not seeing a client of course), I can dress like me a little more.

Cars Vintage Tee: Target
Jean Capris: ??
Blue Argyle Airwalks: Payless

Saturday I visited my sister and my brand spanking new niece, Alyssa. She was cranky so I didn’t get to take any pics today.
Then I hopped on over to my folks house where the boys climbed trees and “helped” my dad paint the house.
My mom and I attempted a dress from scratch which will be AWESOME when we finish it! Can’t wait to wear it!

Black cardi: Kohls, maybe. I forget but it’s my go to topper when the weather is a little cool but too warm for a jacket
Floral top: Susie’s $5 deals. I have seriously bought so many things from that store until they closed about 4 years ago.
Cropped capri’s: Target
Gold flip flops: Old Navy
Earrings: r.h.i. jewelry


Sunday errands and backyard loungin’. Laundry and homemade burgers. This skirt I made during Marshall’s nap took me about 30 minutes and cost $7. I am making more for sure!

I’m linking up at The Pleated Poppy and Real Momma, Real Style

6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style // it’s getting warm out”

  1. Hello you styling mama!! So glad to see your not quitting this theme. I love it and would join you if I had more clothes. Hoping to go shopping very soon, Kohl’s is my favorite place to go. I actually checked out the other readers doing this with you and it’s such a cool idea and fun to see all the styles and ideas. So after some new clothes I will give it a try. Now if only someone could come and do my hair and make-up. I don’t wear make-up except for dress up occasions and my hair needs cut. I really like the flower top you had on at your mom’s. I can’t wait to see more of those cute skirts you made. Actually the weather here is still cold and yucky so I might have to pose inside for a quick picture then go change into my usual jeans, turtleneck,sweatshirt which is what I have on now and thinking we should have chili tonight to warm us up on this cold drizzly day. Thanks so much for sharing, you look great.

  2. Hello, just wanted to let you know I posted my art journal if you want to go check it out on my blog. Have a great Wednesday.

  3. I totally feel like a huge dork taking my photo. My husband laughed and laughed at me at first but now that I’m on wk 34, he’s over it. You have such great and fun style! I love the green/white stripe skirt–LOVE it!!! The shoes you have on in the first photo remind me of a pair of Vans that I own. They’ve been puked on at Warped Tour many years ago. That was probably TMI, sorry!

  4. It’s projects like this that have inspired me to beg my mom to teach me to sew this summer.

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