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backyard box

I like to keep things together. Whether it’s in a pile, a cute tote or a bin, I like to be super organized. It doesn’t always work out but I do try.

This handy idea came to me a few years ago when we really started utilizing our backyard. I was constantly coming in and out of the sliding door, grabbing this, grabbing that. Then getting back outside and realizing I forgot something else. The other reason is that my dearest and most talented hubby’s “editing suite” is right in our kitchen/dining room.

So each time I’m in and out, he’s distracted by the noise and the constant change in light. I know, you must think, how sensitive and crazy is he? Well, when you’re editing highly detailed audio and video, all of your senses are necessary. So in order to not annoy him and enjoy our time in the yard, I developed a backyard box. It started out as a small pail and has evolved into this:

The essentials:

Towels: because there’s always a water fight or the pool is up
Wipes: because popsicles are kinda mandatory
Sunscreen and tanning oil: because the boys need to stay un-burned and mommy needs a little color
Chapstick: because i’m addicted
Hat: because we have like NO shade. no patio cover. just a lonely rainbow umbrella does all the work. hopefully this year he’ll get a friend.
Sunglasses: well I have to be stylish =)
Magazines: because I have issues. It’s either this or a book but when they boys are gettin’ their play on, I’m relaxing.
iPod: because summer isn’t right without tunes!

The items that are not shown but are usually part of the box are:
bug spray: because when Marshall goes to bed, Gibson and I like to read together on the hammock. We usually end up talking and I like that.
Nail supplies: because it’s a perfect time to paint toes and nails
Snacks: because anytime is a good time to eat

What would you put in your backyard box???? I’m sure I’m missing something that I’ll have to go back in for!

2 thoughts on “backyard box”

  1. I love this idea and first off no your hubby is not sensitive or crabby. I totally get this and understand it. This is how I am when scrapping during the summer and the kids keep coming in and out and going to the bathroom, more water, more toys, whatever and they let the DOOR SLAM SHUT EVERYTIME!! Hello do you know how to use the doorknob that’s why it’s there. So I get ticked about it sometimes. Sorry just had to let you know I’m on your hubby’s side.

    Ok this is a great idea and I mine is different then yours because I babysit my little cousin during the week. So I have a box with babysunscreen, extra baby toys and bug spray and baby blanket and cloths and tons of bubbles and sunglasses and hats for her. For me yes yes to the magazines, the bug spray , paper towels and wet ones, lotion for my hands, towels, the phone so I don’t loose it in the yard or leave it out there for it to get rained on, duh, disposable camera in case I forgot mine inside, chalk, band- aids. I think that’s it. We have a fridge in the garage with water, juice and popicles. We also keep a winter box out there for when the kids make a snowman we have stuff already there and ready and in case the kids get their hats or gloves to wet the can change into a dry pair. So exciting to see you have a box too.
    I love that you read outside in the hammock with your son, how sweet. We also have no trees no covering of any kind so it gets pretty hot out. Sometimes we just stay in the garage and hang out listen to music and read/color/cards. I can’t wait for summer to get here now.

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