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happy mommy day

Another fun weekend with my parents while Matt finishes his project in a quiet house. Mom and I stayed up until 12:30 on Saturday night, scrapping and chatting. I am caught up through March in Project Life! Yay. Time to edit and develop April now. Then we were up early for church, a visit with my sister and then back ‘home’ for an awesome sewing project and awaiting the arrival of two of our favorite gals.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this Mother’s Day weekend!

 New summer colors for the family room (transformation in progress)

Me and the boys after church

Got to see my sweet new niece Alyssa Rayne. 3 weeks old now.

Gibson messing around in the car.

Sippin’ drinks at Murillo’s

This surprise from Gibson.

Something awesome my mom and i have been working on. Can’t wait to reveal it soon.

The consumption of  an entire box of Cheez-its and nearly an entire 2-liter bottle of  Cherry Coke.

One of my most favorite people. My Aunt Debbie (really my cousin) is helping me iron pieces of fabric for an update of my embroidery hoops.

 Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. =)


1 thought on “happy mommy day”

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. How fun to scrap and craft with your mom. I like the photo of you with your boys. Congrats on being caught up on PL, that’s awesome. I did a weekend in photos too for my mother’s day also. My oldest came home and surprised me from college, she lives in Florida. It was nice to have all my kids with me this mother’s day.

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