retrohipmama style // getting brave

Oh my, I got really brave at the end of the week. Going out of my comfort zone, wearing pieces I tend to not know how to wear or changing how I wear them. This was a great fashion week for me.


I’ve had this skirt for 6 years and even though it was out of style for a few of them, I just couldn’t get rid of it. I pull it out with the rest of my skirts each spring and wear it faithfully. So when I was mulling over what I’d wear to work (for a client meeting) I kept being pulled to it. Even though I had my outfit already picked out…I just wasn’t feeling it.

So I put it on and grabbed the green shirt that I would normally wear with it. I did what I always do and layer a black tank underneath and wear it with the shirt on the outside. BUT…then I remembered this fabulous pairing from Shabby Apple that I fell in love with and thought hmmmm, can I pull that off right now?

Brown and white giraffe print skirt with white shirt that has pleats on neckline.

Um, yeah. I think I can! And I did. I felt like a million bucks and didn’t spend a dime to look current. I LOVE THAT. And I feel like I could work at Sterling Cooper.

Green tee: Target
Floral skirt: Susie’s $5 deals
Black belt: came with a shirt or something
Wedges: Payless


Another dress that I don’t wear and don’t know why. I bought it when I was pregnant with Marshall but always thought it was too revealing on my back side. But it was HOT today (over 90) and I had yet another client meeting. Determined to make more use of my wardrobe and pieces I love, I tossed my loud yellow cardi on and cinched my patent red belt up to cover the elastic empire waist. And then I tossed a handmade (by me) flower in my hair. BTW, I am kinda in love with Coca-Cola red and in my world, it pretty much goes with everything.


One of my favorite shirts. And comfy pants for a friday at work. Normally I would wear this shirt with a white tank under and on the outside of the pants. But I got brave again and tucked it in and wrapped on my favorite belt.

Shirt: handed down from a dear friend
Pants: Old Navy
Belt: no clue, have had it for years
Gold Flip flops: Old Navy
Button Ring: made by me

I’m linking up at The Pleated Poppy and Real Momma, Real Style


21 thoughts on “retrohipmama style // getting brave”

  1. Oh my gosh you are one hot smokin mamma!!! Have to spray you down girlfriend. I love love these outfits. Each one gives you a totally different look. How fun to dress up and go to work. Great job pulling all these outfits together you have a great fashion sense and wear many colors so well. I love love that your hair was down in the last picture, you need to do that more often, didn’t think it was that long. Way to go!!

  2. Awesome outfits! I love that you were able to create a style you saw in a magazine. I did something similar, copied something I saw Goldie Hawn do, when I was trying on some of my clothes this morning. I may just wear it sometime this week!

    Good for you and thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Hey there! I hopped over here from your What I Wore link up 🙂

    LOVING your outfits! You look great! I too, usually wear my shirts over my pants, but am trying to make an effort to tuck things in…it seems to be the thing to do these days 🙂

  4. Good for you for keeping that skirt! It’s amazing! And I love, love, love that second outfit. Every last piece. Where’d you get the shoes?!?

  5. Love the outfits. I treat red as a neutral ~ it goes with everything. I’m like you, I’m trying to wear things that have been hanging out in my closet because I’m not sure how to wear them, it’s kinda cool rediscovering stuff, no?

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