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5 old things that are cooler than something new

The retro in retrohipmama is there for a reason. It’s because long ago I came to realize that my Gram was right: “They just don’t make things like they used to.”  I tend to gravitate toward car shows, classic rock and vintage fashion. Something about the past just speaks to me. Something about today says the pendulum is too far up the wrong way.

Where has modesty gone? Where is a well made product? Where are the good ‘ole fashioned manners?

I think about these things as I raise my boys to open doors for ladies.
And as I see teenagers posting half-dressed pictures of themselves on Facebook.
I think about these things when I walk through stores and people are parked in the middle of the isle and don’t even bother to look around or offer to move out of the way.
I think about these things when an older man was surprised that I said “pardon me” when I saw I was in his way.
I think about these things when I see my street full of kids playing outside, knowing they’re not playing video games.
I think about these things when everyone is looking down at their phones or talking on their bluetooths instead of looking up and engaging each other.

I think about these things all the time. And I pray someday we’ll find ourselves back on the right side of the pendulum.

But until then, these are a few things that are seriously better than something you can get today.

’56 Bel Air doesn’t even come close to a 300c. (Sorry mom)

I can’t be the only one with a new style peeler that kinda sucks.

Just look at the curves. Hurry, hand me a bottle opener!

This style. Makes me smile. And is so much cooler than the shirts that girls think are dresses these days. I don’t have to walk around, pulling this down to cover my toosh.

No words are necessary. Better than Justin Bieber? Agreed.

What are some things you think were better then than what you can get today?


2 thoughts on “5 old things that are cooler than something new”

  1. Andrea, this is so true and I love how you put yourfeelings in words. I agree that the world is not what it use to be. I don’t even try to be like the jones’s or try to keep up. I like my life simple and more simple. The best gift to me is a homemade one and I love the way life use to be, remember those phones with a long cord on them, we also only had one phone and one bath and one tv and we made it work. I always tell my hubby that one day we could live on a quiet 10 acres and have no electronics in the house and we would take care of our farm, go on hikes, play in the pond, ride horses, hang out in the shade and the sun, work in the garden and our kids would be with us and enjoying it like we do. I do not give my kids everything they ask for, they know I prefer them to talk to their friends face/face or on phone, I limit their electronics and cell phones and yes please girls cover up your stomachs and behinds. I love the car you showed here, my favorite car was from the Dukes of Hazzard, always told my mom that would be me one day driving that cool car. So many good things we had. Even the toys my kids had as babies are better then what they have now. Thanks for this great post. Cute Bruce Willis and yes he is a cutie but back in the day it was Fonzie all the way for me, on my bday cake and my halloween costume even. Hope your weekend was a good one.

  2. searching back through your archives for your ‘my life in list’ posts… i think you are overdue! 🙂 i’m requesting a hand drawn list in the near future missy! oh.ps. i super duper puffy heart bruce willis.. justin beiber.. psshaawww!! 🙂

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