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summer family room theme

I don’t like change, in general.
I like stability.
I’m no good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop staying exactly the same. ~Fiona Apple
I don’t like surprises.
I like to know what’s coming and what to expect.

But I DO love to change my decor and rearrange my furniture. A LOT! So I do it often.

Each season I change my family room theme and colors. Remember the embroidery hoops I did? I had a hard time taking down my winter theme because I loved it so much.

But it’s sunny out and it’s time for some color. And my hubby is nice enough to allow me to use pink in the house.

For the last 3 years, I have used orange/red/pink as the summer color scheme for the family room.

It started with this rug I found at Target. And the rest of the pieces I added were built around it:

Here’s how it turned out this year.

This is the wall you see from the door. Some day soon I will decorate lower but with a still curious toddler, I can’t put much on coffee or side tables. But it’s fun no matter where these colors are!

I switched out the embroidery hoops with fabric from my stash and my mom’s stash.  I found ribbon and scraps that coordinated perfectly. Love when it works out like that.
Cost: $0

This is the other large wall above the large couch. The silhouettes are new and I will have a post about them this week.

some of my favorite accessories:

a plate from the $1 store.
a pink grapefruit scented candle i won at a party forever ago. i usually tie ribbon around the top…guess i forgot to do that.
1 of 5 red candlesticks from my mom’s old stuff

this ’55 Bel Air from my mother in law.

our family initial.
this believe in yourself graphic from sprik space.

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4 thoughts on “summer family room theme”

  1. I know your on a break but had to say I love love these color changes you make for the new seasons. I am trying to do that this year too, my living room has lots of gold and green and gold so trying to think of a new color theme. So nice that you dear hubby lets you put some pink on the walls. Shows just how manly and thoughtful he is. Thanks for giving me some ideas. Hope you are doing good and having fun. Guess what it’s 80degress today so I’m trying to enjoy it and make it last since the rain and cold is coming back says the weather people. But that’s ok, this past week has been gorgeous. HUGS!!

  2. Wow, that is super adorable!! I especially love the piece in the center of the silhouettes. I may have to copy that. (Full credit to you, of course) :] Thanks for sharing!

    1. I actually got the idea from Andrea Steed and she really was who inspired me. Feel free to link back to her so she gets the credit for that amazing idea!
      Thanks for stopping by, your blog is cute and I’m enjoying browsing! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

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