retrohipmama style // old pieces = new outfits

Linking up as always to Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

It was a tough week, getting ready for our movie premiere on Saturday but I still had to get up and go to work everyday, then come home to work some more for the family business. But hey, at least I was cute doing it.

Pink shrug: Kohl’s
Polka dot shirt: long time ago
Necklace: made by me
Jeans: Candies from Kohl’s
Pink snake skin flats: Ross


Flower tank: Kohl’s
Burgundy cardi: long time ago
Jeans: Kohl’s
Brown flats: Payless
Brown belt: Wal-Mart (came with an oversized shirt I plan to up-cycle)
Fabric Flower: made by me


Black tee: Kohl’s
Pink layered tee: ??
White cords: long time ago
Fabric flower belt: made by me
Pink flats: Ross
Blue necklace: long time ago

I’m noticing that my room is getting messier as the week goes on. Sorry about that. I really need to find a better place to take these pics. There’s not a bright enough place in my house in the morning. Gonna work on fixing this.


3/4 sleeve shirt: forever ago
Flower skirt: had it for probably 8 or 9 years. I can remember wearing this skirt before I had my first kiddo.
Black leggings: Kohl’s
Red belt: came with a skirt or a shirt…can’t remember
Black wedges: Payless about 4 years ago

Friday: (half day at work, then I exchanged the jeans for gray long shorts for the 5 hours of errands i ran to get everything prepared for Saturday)

The only special thing is the necklace. Made for me by r.h.i. jewelry.
Well, and my chucks!

No pics of my cute outfit I wore on Saturday night to the premiere. They are on my friend’s camera and will have them in a separate post this week, hopefully!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits this week!

6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style // old pieces = new outfits”

  1. I love all these outfits. I only have a minute very busy at my house today, so I will come back later but I had to peek really quick.

  2. Andrea your outfits look so cute this week. My hubby was even looking from the couch he says to tell you he liked the last outfit best. I’m so glad you had your down on some days and it looks straight on the other day, it’s so nice and I love the color. My favorite about your outfits is how you mix things together and it comes out cute and matches. I didn’t get to shop this past weekend like I had hoped. I’m getting my hair cut on Sunday though and shopping afterwards so maybe I will have something cute to show you. All these outfits are so cute but I think the first one is my favorite but it’s pretty much a tie between them all, lol. Thanks for sharing them with us, so much fun to see. Have a good week.

  3. Sorry – every once in awhile, my comments randomly post as my old blog account (it’s bizarre). Love the accessories!:)

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