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gram’s lake

I have to start by saying that we’re blessed to still have Gram around. After heart surgery 2 years ago, she remains living on her own. Until an infection in her leg didn’t heal, she spent a couple weeks in the hospital and now my mom is staying with her until we see some results in her healing. She’s weak but in good spirits and is having to make some decisions about her future.

She’s a very strong woman for 86. God just isn’t ready for her yet. And since I’m 30 minutes down the hill from her, I will see her as often as I possibly can.

Thursday was a spontaneous visit. My mom needed to get outta the house for some different conversation and I wanted to bring Marshall up to see her. Gram was tired so we took Marshall for a walk around the lake. Now, let me tell you about this lake. My Gram lives in a retired mobile home community, built around a small lake. Full of fish and frogs and swans and canadian geese. It had always been Gram’s morning routine to walk around the lake until her surgery. She just didn’t have the air or the energy.

It’s a gorgeous walk. Around each corner is something new and beautiful.

So mom and marshall and I ventured out and this is what we found during the hour long jaunt:

Marshall testing out the docks.

Beautiful daisies. He picked one for Gramama.

Black swan along the waters edge.

A random patch of daisies.

Would love for this to be my walkway down to the lake.

Marshall getting a bit more comfortable with each dock we pass.

It’s spring and what do we see…chicks. I had my zoom lens but they still let us get pretty close. How awesome is this?

Mom started getting a little protective. That’s a good thing.

A perfect little family.

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

The evening sun cast long shadows.

It’s time for a little rest and to make friends with a little leaf.

I couldn’t help capturing the glistening sun on the water.

Marshall picked it, but Nonni carried it.

Little shoe prints in the sand.

Dreamy lilac.

He’s contemplating the feather, but it ends up not being interesting enough to pick up.

At 3 and a half, he’s still hip worthy.

Just a mommy and her little bud.

I’m telling you, around every corner is a new treasure.

Nonni gives the best piggy rides

Nonni and Marshall

This dude ended up being a trouble maker.

And momma didn’t appreciate his attitude.

And neither did dad. This scuffle was pretty intense and Marshall hid behind me. I figured I’d shoot since I had my camera and picked up some great action.

Mr. Trouble Maker took off and they all made sure he knew not to mess with them again.

Now they can relax.

Another backlit shot I couldn’t resist.

Marshall finally got to give Gramama her flower.

Of all the years I have spent at Grams and as many hours as I have spent walking that path, I am always amazed at what I capture. I’m a little proud that most of these shots are SOOC. Very minimal editing was done and only to a select few shots.

Maybe someday soon Gram will be able to make it down the stairs to enjoy another walk with us.

1 thought on “gram’s lake”

  1. Andrea these pictures are amazing and gorgeous. You did a wonderful job taking them and really capturing the moment with your words too. I would love to visit a lake house or have a vacation at one, how nice it would be to have all that beauty right in your back yard. You should be proud of yourself and your photography skills on these. Have a great weekend.

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