jewelry making…i think i kinda like you

i like making things.
i like making things with my hands.
i like making this pretty.
i like making things that i can call original.
i like making things for myself.

is that last one selfish? naaaahhhh!

i picked up all these different pieces from wal-mart, not really knowing what to do…having only made one necklace before. but i got the basic idea from the inside idea picture and knew that’s how i wanted to use the black focal piece.

it took me about and hour. not bad for a first timer right?

today it was a bit chilly but I actually bought all the pieces to go with the skirt i made from this shirt. it’s a match made in heaven right? well, I can’t wait to wear them together when the weather gets right.

so this is how i wore the necklace to work today: i thought it’d be too much with the ruffles and the necklace…but i did it anyways.
(ps: i really need to help Gibson less with the camera so i can actually smile. we’re working on his skills!)

and here is how i wore it to the park: i prefer it with the plain shirt, whatdya think?

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5 thoughts on “jewelry making…i think i kinda like you”

  1. How cool you are now making your own jewelry to go with your own homemade clothes. So crafty and smart you are. I love this necklace and it looks good on you. I think it’s ok with the ruffles, it’s busy but looks good too. How fun that your son is taking the picture, you might need to pay him for it you know, lol. I can’t wait to see that skirt, did you post about it before and I missed it?? I was just telling my girls that we could try to make necklaces over summer break and they liked that idea. Hope this means your feeling better.

  2. You are so talented. The necklace is so beautiful; maybe one day I’ll make something like it? gotta get my feet a little wetter in the crafting world before I jump into jewelry making. 🙂

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