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flashback friday // such a dilemma

My hair is in a very awkward stage right now.

#1: I have not had my hair this long in almost 15 years.

#2: I kinda feel “different” for keeping my hair short and I love that. Being different is my way. It’s how I roll. It’s my identity. I actually used the term “short hair” to describe myself  in my bios. It’s me and I have a hard time with this “long hair” thing.

So now that it’s summer, I feel like I should be cutting my hair.  Like short.
BUT…I am over 30 now and I think I might be too grown for this kind of cut. Maybe not…but I should try to look my age…kinda…sometimes. I am rambling because it’s late but on the other hand…I can now do SO MANY THINGS with my hair at this length.

Bangs: check
High pony: check
Low and to the side pony: check
Straight: check
Curly: check

And my hubby is really liking it long.

So see my dilemma?

 I kinda have my mind made up but what do you think?


4 thoughts on “flashback friday // such a dilemma”

  1. You are one of those lucky women who look great with short hair, so if you want short hair, do it! You are not too old. That being said, if you want it long, keep it long. How’s that for help? lol 🙂 Love you gal!

  2. Hi Andrea, love seeing your past pictures. I have to say the long hair rocks on you. I agree with your list about being able to do so much with it now. It’s nice to have a change even when it’s weird. My hair has been my thing all of my life, the same hairstyle since 6th grade. Well, everyone liked it and I got compliments but then about 5 years ago it became boring and my kids were tired of it, my hubby liked it but wished it was blonde and so finally 2 weeks after turning 40 I went in to the salon and said surprise me and do whatever you want to it. Well she chopped it of course and flat ironed it, I have naturally curly hair. IT was so different and it didn’t look like me anymore, I was sad and cried a little but then said it’s time to move forward. The kids flipeed when they saw it and loved it. My hubby well he only likes it but misses my long hair (what is it with guys and long hair on girls). Well, it’s been almost two years and it’s still weird for me at times but I get so many compliments and people love love my short hair and some days it does turn out nice and I love it too.

    So anyhow I know how your feeling and the mixed emotions. I say go with the long for awhile longer and do as much as you can with it, then if you still feel this way then get it cut. You can always grow it back out again later in the fall/winter time. I honestly think you look great either way but for me I like your long hair and all the cool things you’ve doing.

    Sorry for such a loooonnnggg answer. Have a great Memorial weekend.

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