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headboard redo

My room has been a hodge podge of mixed furniture for a while. But, it wasn’t always this way. I bought a matching dresser and wardrobe from IKEA years ago but when we moved into this smaller house, we didn’t have a pantry. So I sacrificed my wardrobe so we could store our food…geez, the things I do for food.

But what we didn’t have was a headboard. I considered making on from fabric, an old fence, painting one on the wall…but my gram ended up gifting hers to us so she could get a new one. It’s old but had so much potential.

And yes, that’s major dust. And you get to see a glimpse of my major bedroom clean up soon.

It’s got these great sliding doors that can cover up junk…but I’d rather they not be used for that.

So do you see all the potential? Yeah me too!
And today was the day to make it come to life.
5 cans of spray paint should do the job. But it only took 3.

Now for the fun stuff!

Foam brush
Scrapbook paper

Measure the paper to fit, spread the back with mod podge and place it on gently. Just like wallpaper, use something flat to get all the bubbles out before it dries.

I tried to spread the mod podge on the surface, then apply the paper, but I do think it works better the other way.
Apply a thin quote of mod podge to seal it and let it dry completely.
I then used a coordinating paper to cover the front. I thought about painting every other slat in the doors but eventually decided to just use paper.

Here it is. Perty ain’t it?
Time to get it back in the bedroom. Looks good right? But there’s a little problem…
You see…I kinda got ahead of myself and selected paper for a room that I want…not the room I have.
My comforter, bed skirt, hand painted wall art…all of it goes and is more geometrical in design than the damask and argyle style that I love. So after all that work…I sat on my chair, looking at this and I just felt so uncomfortable. Honestly, the paper cost me life 6 bucks so that’s not a bid deal. It was that I was silly to get this and not paper that would go with what I already had. UGH….slapping myself on the forehead. BUT WAIT…it gets better!
I have tons of paper. Scraps and stuff that I could use to redo this. I can do this…I’ve got to have something that will work. So I’m combing through my stash and what do I find? 8 perfectly coordinated 12×12 pieces of paper. I grab them and thing…where the heck did I get these and then it dawned on me…PROJECT LIFE! These are the full sheets that came with my Turquoise Edition of  Becky Higgins’ Project Life. FOR REALS!!!!
I mean really? This is PERFECT!

So, guess what I did? Nope. I didn’t take it all apart and mod podge this stuff over the damask. I seriously took a glue stick and adhered it in 10 minutes.

Much better right? I can totally dig on this.
Now I have to update those lamps. But that’s another day. =)

Here’s a few more shots since the light was good.

These are baskets from IKEA that I’ve had up here for 4 years or so. Today I added a couple of the Project Life cards.

This is the opposite wall where the TV and my reading chair are.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you can find a piece of furniture that needs a little upgrade!
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3 thoughts on “headboard redo”

  1. Andrea, you always amaze me!1 Is there anything that doesn’t get redone or made over by you, it’s so awesome that you can do all these things. Your ideas must come a mile a minute all day long, seriously you need to write a DIY book and it would sell like hotcakes!! This is a great makeover and I think it looks great with both papers. How cool to use the PL papers though. Your little reading nook with baskets is so cute. I’ve never thought to hang my baskets like that, now I will though. You need to write a book, seriously and give me the first autographed signed one please. We don’t have a headboard, how about you make me one and mail it too me, lol.

  2. This turned out awesome. I really liked the first paper, but the second choice is adorable as well. Great job!

  3. That looks awesome. Great job That is an incredible transformation. Come and say hi and enter my Jamberry nail giveaway!

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

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